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              Warrnambool Darts Association


Hi everyone and welcome to a new darts season. Welcome to any new players that are

joining the association for the first time.


Everyone wishing to play darts this season is to be REGISTERED  with NO exceptions.

There has been an increase of Membership this year. $4.00 for the year instead of the previous $2.00.


There will be a slight change this season.  Teams will stay as 6 per side, if  player/s are needed to fill in and its their 1st time playing then such player/s are not required to pay fees.  But if player/s happen to fill in again during season then  registration, membership fees are to be paid. 


4 Points will be deducted for late results.  Results must be in by the Saturday 3.00pm.  No Exceptions.


Captains are to name the sides and order of players from 1 – 6 with reserve if needed.  Brings back strategy into the game.


Everyone is to score 1 single game each no matter if you have trouble as most people are willing to help with the tally, most people throwing darts will tell you the score as they go.  Please try at least. Too many sides have people that nearly have to score every game in a night.  Captains are to appoint scorers for the remaining doubles games.


 We have eleven teams nominated this season and season will commence on 3rd February 2011.


Just a reminder Superleague will start on the 31st January 2011, with the 1st two weeks as Qualifying rounds. The Superleague Committee will be announced at the 1st week of Qualifying.  Everyone is welcome to come have a look or try, over at the City Memorial Bowls Club.


Just a reminder to team captains to Fax results to Mick Power promptly so results can be  posted on the website. 


Thankyou to those players that supported the drawn doubles day at Allansford Junction Hotel on 19th December 2010,  an enjoyable day was had by all that attended. Congratulations to the winners, and all those that attended.


Until next time, Good Darts Everyone.

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